My name is Timothy Mack and I was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina.  After graduating from Jacksonville High School, Jacksonville, North Carolina I attended East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina on a football scholarship.  I went on to play Canadian Football in Saskatchewan.  After a season in Canada, I played three seasons of Arena football in Iowa and Chicago. At the age a 25, with my physical health degrading I decided a career change would be more beneficial for me as well as my family.  I begin working for Edgecombe County Pre-trial Release Program as an investigator where I stayed for one year prior to deciding to join the Navy.  I began my military career on 30 April 2002.  After 4 years in the Navy I decided on another career change and joined the Army.  I currently serve as an Imagery Intelligence Technician in the United States Army.  I’ve been in the military for 13 years and 7 of those years have been in North Carolina. 3 years in Eastern North Carolina as a recruiter and my current tour as an Intelligence Officer in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

My passion in life is serving my country.  I am a patriot and I am loyal to the Army’s mission of serving the Nation’s interest and defending the Constitution, which is the fundamental cornerstone that defines the way of life in our country. Therefore, serving in the United States Army maybe considered the ultimate act of patriotism. I understand and know what it means to serve selflessly and with dedication.  My devotion to the mission, Soldier development and self development has always been the driving force to my career.  I plan to continue serving my country for a long time by being a good father, husband, volunteer and Soldier.

Success and failures are essential for all individuals to grow as people. Without a life with both an individual will never have a proper way to gage either.  I’ve distinguished myself wherever I’ve served and I’ve left behind a legacy of excellence and devotion to duty.  This devotion and commitment to Soldiers has been evident in every position I’ve held during my tenure of service.  Through the hardships and uncertainty of deployments, training operations, and unrelenting hours of being a leader, I have always remained focused, setting an example of bravery, determination, and professional competence to my seniors and subordinates.

My goals include advancing my military career, and continue working to advance my civilian education. Becoming a better husband and father are family goals that keep me on track and define my existence.

The technology that consumes most of my life of the Distributed Common Ground Station – Army (DCGS-A) intelligence architecture and network.  DCGS-A is the Army’s program of record that allows intelligence professionals to view and share information and services through a cloud network and a web-based interface.  This concept and system has come under intense scrutiny, however my proficiency with the systems has opened the door to many opportunities.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Tim,
    It’s great to see you again…how have you been?
    What area of research are you interested in for your Lit Review? Make sure it fits in with your area of passion 🙂

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    1. Hello Dr. Courduff,
      I’m having some technical difficulties with my site but I should be able to figure them out this week. I plan to do my research on flipped classrooms, but I have a few other things I want to look into prior to making my decision. I’m looking forward to learning a lot in this course. Take care.


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